Who are we?

We are young but promising leading-the-field technological company (of one) that is constantly looking for innovations (err, I mean for something awesome to try) in order to bring you brand new, never seen before pieces of tech that will blow your mind and make you question yourself: “How in the world did I live without it?!”

What do we do?

Our R&D department (mostly my apartment) is suited with all sorts of cutting edge equipment (which I either bought on Ebay or took from nearby dumpster) for advanced scientific experimentation and research so we are capable of performing a variety of tasks (mostly CS, math and applied physics since I'm not sure how I can perform anything else with that garbage). What we can't perform we outsource to other widely known and respected agencies and companies we keep in touch with on regular basis (mostly some guys I know from different departments at university). This way we can assure the successful accomplishment of anything you have or ever had on your mind! Everything is possible with us!

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at me@hitecnologys.org. You can also use other methods of communication which are all listed on contacts page.

Why is this site so crappy?

Because we're neither web designers nor artists. We're serious motherfucking scientists, pardon my French.
A very cool guy standing in the middle of a page. Yay! \o/